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OCC Cardboard Recycling Big Rock, Illinois

Big Rock, Illinois OCC Cardboard Recycling. Recycling is a standard part of many Big Rock, Illinois businesses and if it is not for yours, it should be, for many reasons. When it comes to Big Rock, Illinois old corrugated cardboard recycling, the question becomes where to store the OCC in a facility, this primarily becomes a question of the quantity of OCC your Big Rock, Illinois business produces. There are different sizes of containers available for temporarily storing cardboard waste until it can be recycled. The best option is baling your OCC, this gives you the best price for the OCC when it gets recycled and takes up the least room in your facility.

Buyers of Old Corrugated Cardboard in Big Rock, Illinois

Cardboard baler units allow businesses to dispose of large quantities of their OCC recyclables. Here at Commercial Waste Systems, we sell balers to first time customers and repeat corporate customers.  Vertical or horizontal, let us help with your equipment needs. Selecting the right baler is an important step for business owners and operations managers. We also provide baler service and sell bale ties to our customers which we can deliver at the time of pickup.


We are proud members of the National Waste & Recycling Association.


Big Rock, Illinois Commercial Recycling Services

Commercial Waste Systems can help your Big Rock, Illinois business by performing a free waste stream analysis and diverting valuable materials from your waste stream. We will come up with a custom solution for your Big Rock, Illinois business. We recycle OCC (old corrugated cardboard) and purchase it in bales for recycling. Large box stores, retailers, grocery stores, and manufacturing plants are all a great fit for our business. However, we work with all sized Big Rock, Illinois businesses and provide the same great service no matter the size. You can contact us at Commercial Waste Systems today by calling us at 888-429-7622 or completing one of our on-line forms, we are always happy to help in anyway we can.

Big Rock, Illinois OCC Recycling Pickup Services

If your Big Rock, Illinois business generates a lot of used corrugated cardboard packaging, Commercial Waste Systems can help. We purchase baled old corrugated cardboard helping your Big Rock, Illinois business reduce landfill waste, and offsetting the cost of your normal waste. If you are already baling your old corrugated cardboard, but not sure what to do next, contact Commercial Waste Systems for a free analysis. We purchase OCC bales in various quantities from a few bales to a truckload, we can help your Big Rock, Illinois business recycle your corrugated cardboard.

Big Rock, Illinois Cardboard Recyclers

We provide onsite bale collection of old corrugated cardboard bales for businesses in Big Rock, Illinois and through-out the Midwest. If you are in Big Rock, Illinois or the Midwest service area, we can provide old corrugated cardboard bale pickups. 

With Commercial Waste Systems you will get consistent and reliable pickup service on a schedule that works for your business. Contact us today to see how we can help with your baled recyclables. We can help with your baler, baling wire and repairs on your system.

At Commercial Waste Systems, our consistent bale recycling pickup service, reliably removes baled old corrugated cardboard generated in your waste stream and turns it into a revenue stream, in an efficient easy method. We can pick up your bales from indoor, outdoor, dock, or ground locations.


Big Rock About

Big Rock is a village in Kane County, Illinois. It is located approximately 50 miles due west of Chicago. It is between the villages of Hinckley and Sugar Grove. The village was incorporated on July 26, 2001 and has a population of 1,126.




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Big Rock, Illinois Information

Big Rock is located in southwestern Kane County at 41.759308 N, 88.537617 W. U.S. Route 30 passes through the north side of the village, leading east 5 miles to Sugar Grove and west the same distance to Hinckley. Big Rock has a total area of 4.33 square miles, all land. Big Rock was once known as Acasto, the name was changed from Acasto to Big Rock in 1849. Big Rock was named from the Big Rock Creek.