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Cardboard Recycling for your Boulder Hill, Illinois Business

Over 90% of all products in the United States are shipped in cardboard boxes, for good reason, cardboard is protective, strong, and lightweight for shipping. There are only two options for old corrugated cardboard when you are done with it. The first option is you are sending it to your local landfill and paying for that waste to be removed. The second option is your Boulder Hill, Illinois business is recycling cardboard this helps your Boulder Hill, Illinois business become greener and reduces your solid waste cost, while adding a revenue stream from selling your cardboard bales.

Boulder Hill, Illinois Industries We Service

Grocery Chains and Retail Stores in Boulder Hill, Illinois

In Boulder Hill, Illinois CWS services Grocery Chains and other RetailIndustries for cardboard recycling bale pickup service. Some of those Boulder Hill, Illinois businesses include, Grocery Stores, Multi-location Restaurants, Food Distributors, Convenience Stores, Hotels, Box Stores, Warehouses, and the Automotive Industry. Our sustainability team will work with your Boulder Hill, Illinois business to develop a recycling program that makes sense for you. We offer a free waste stream analysis and have been in business for over 40 years in the recycling and wastepaper industry.

Boulder Hill, Illinois Distribution Centers and Warehouses

Commercial Waste Systems offers Boulder Hill, Illinois distribution centers and warehouses a dedicated recycling partner. From single Boulder Hill, Illinois locations to multi-locations we can help design the best recycling program for your business. We understand this type of business generates a high volume of old corrugated cardboard and it can stack up quickly. Contact Commercial Waste Systems today for a free waste stream analysis at 888-429-7622. We offer a full line of waste and recycling services, including document destruction and more.


We are proud members of the National Waste & Recycling Association.


Recycling Solutions for Boulder Hill, Illinois Municipalities

County Governments and Boulder Hill, Illinois Municipalities have long worked with private recycling companies like Commercial Waste Systems to make the most of their waste streams and put money back in the city or county government by recovering revenue from their Boulder Hill, Illinois recycling services. Old Corrugated Cardboard is one of the easiest products to recycle and can be recycled multiple times, saving Boulder Hill, Illinois landfill space and trees at the same time.

Boulder Hill, Illinois Manufacturing and Heavy Industrial Plants

Contact Commercial Waste Systems today for a free waste stream analysis, with over 40 years’ experience in the recycling and wastepaper industry, we can create an efficient, production friendly environment for your recycling needs that does not interfere with your current workflow, from strategically placed containers or equipment to pickup schedules, we tailor our service to your plant. We understand there is not a one-size fits all when it comes to Boulder Hill, Illinois industrial plant recycling.

Boulder Hill, Illinois Cardboard Recycling How it Works

Recycling cardboard is an easy process when working with Commercial Waste Systems. We will handle the entire process for you. The first step is understanding your waste with a custom waste audit. This includes not only what waste you generate and if it can be recycled but also where it is generated in your facility for seamless processing. The next step is setting up your Boulder Hill, Illinois business for recycling or other waste streams we may have identified in the waste audit. This includes balers and any specialty waste bins that need to be strategically placed through-out the facility. The last step is setting up a pickup schedule to suit your business needs. Contact Commercial Waste Systems today and one of our sustainability experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  


Boulder Hill About

Boulder Hill is a census-designated place in Kendall County, Illinois and the population was 8,108 in 2010. It is an outer suburb of Chicago on the Fox River, south of Aurora.





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Boulder Hill, Illinois Information

Boulder Hill is located at 41°42′41″N 88°20′07″W. Up until the early 2000s, the Boulder Hill subdivision had a small development area, equating to almost a town square. The community itself has a strong identity, as the people from Boulder Hill are not classified as being from Montgomery or Oswego, two nearby larger towns. The villages of Oswego and Montgomery have both expanded their communities up to the boundaries of Boulder Hill, so there is no room for further business expansion.