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How to sell cardboard bales in Carol Stream, Illinois

Unlike any other business, selling your cardboard bales is easy. Just contact Commercial Waste Systems today and we will walk you through the process. From balers, storage, and schedules we will personalize a plan that is right for your business.

About Commercial Waste Systems

Commercial Waste Systems is a family-owned business with over 40 years in the recycling and wastepaper industry.  We are a full-service company offering cardboard bale pick up in truckload and less than truckload quantities at dock or ground-level, baler sales, bale ties and baler repair services.

Our company personally markets all quantities of paper which it purchases.  This personal level of attention carries through all facets of contact a customer has with our company from the first phone call through payment.  In addition, we believe in accountability.  Our customers get receipts for their bales which are easily matched up at the time of payment.

Recycling Cardboard in Carol Stream, Illinois: A Guide for Businesses

Commercial Waste Systems has the capacity and flexibility to handle your cardboard recycling needs. We purchase less than truckload and truckload quantities and tailor each type of service to fit our customer’s needs. We buy cardboard bales from grocers, retailers, manufacturers, and other businesses. Moreover, we value relationships and believe that our service, integrity, and accountability are the strongholds for long-lasting business relationships.

Why recycling cardboard in Carol Stream, Illinois?

Recycling in Carol Stream, Illinois is the environmentally responsible way of disposing of cardboard. It can be reused to make other products that are used in both every day and grand schemes. While recycling in Carol Stream, Illinois may not seem like a big deal when you consider the vast amounts of other waste that is thrown away each day, Carol Stream, Illinois recycling proves to be much more than just about making your local community a little bit greener. Cardboard is a form of packaging that is produced in large quantities. As a result, cardboard accounts for over 40% of the overall waste generated in our country, and it is a significant waste and emissions source as well.


We are proud members of the National Waste & Recycling Association.


Selling cardboard bales in Carol Stream, Illinois

Selling your cardboard bales in Carol Stream, Illinois does not have to be that complicated, and it does not take any special skills. In fact, one call to Commercial Waste Systems and we can get you all setup.  It is pretty easy; you just have to bale the cardboard with wire or straps and have a cardboard box or pallet for it to sit on for transport. So, what makes cardboard bales such an attractive option for those looking for extra cash? For one, your Carol Stream, Illinois business is already producing the product, why not become greener and make an income from it?

Who to sell your cardboard bales to in Carol Stream, Illinois

You can sell cardboard bales to Commercial Waste Systems in Carol Stream, Illinois. We buy your Carol Stream, Illinois cardboard bales in bulk from any Carol Stream, Illinois business. We only buy in bulk from commercial establishments. Bulk is anywhere from 5-15 bales of corrugated cardboard; this is less than a truckload but we also service businesses with truckload quantities and/or multiple truckloads. No matter the volume of cardboard bales your Carol Stream, Illinois business produces we can service it with prompt, reliable service.


Carol Stream About

Carol Stream is located at 41.9125° N, 88.1348° W and is a suburb of Chicago located just over 30 miles west of downtown Chicago. Carol Stream has a total area of 9.416 square miles, of which 9.09 square miles is land and 0.326 square miles is water.





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Carol Stream, Illinois Information

Carol Stream is a village in DuPage County, Illinois. Incorporated on January 5, 1959, and named after its founder’s daughter, Carol Stream has a population of 39,711. In 2011 CNN’s Money Magazine ranked Carol Stream 49th on its list of 100 best places to live in the United States.