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As a family-owned business, we founded Commercial Waste Systems with a foundation of integrity. We have carried that badge of honor for over 40 years, knowing that our reputation reflects on who we are.

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We began in the recycling and wastepaper industry and our success allowed us to expand to become a full-service company for our clients. Our success gave Commercial Waste Systems the ability to include cardboard recycling, shredding services, product destruction, and transportation services. We believe that it is our personal touch, professional attitude, and our attention to detail that has given us the achievement of servicing the greater Midwest. Commercial Waste Systems places value on our customers, safety, and our environment.

Our mission statement includes the key word of “accountability.” We believe in the value of a relationship and that our service maintains the integrity that reflects on our reputation. This philosophy is the base for the stronghold of long-lasting business relationships. We believe that going above and beyond the call of duty to bring smarter and safer solutions for our customers at cost-effective pricing has been a main reason for our success.

All our staff is employed and trained by our company. We own and supply our own drivers, trucks, and forklifts so that we are responsible for the service from the moment of the first call to the destination. Investing in our company and employees is part of our commitment to service excellence and we never outsource to any third-party organizations.

Commercial Waste Systems staff is knowledgeable on all local, state, and federal guidelines for compliance for waste disposal. Our efforts at Commercial Waste Systems include investment in continued training for every team member. We work with our clients to ensure that they abide by compliancy standards, supply appropriate containers for safety, and supply our customers with all documentation and manifests that are required for proof of destruction.

Our drivers and pickup team consider safety and health a priority focus. Each member will arrive at a pre-designated and approved time wearing appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) and will practice social distancing. All trucks and vehicles are scrubbed and sterilized to protect against COVID-19.

Attention to ecology is a focus for us. We know that recycling, reusing, and refurbishing are important actions to reduce carbon footprints. We personally market all paper quantities and have partners in the industry that take steps to help to protect our planet with the items that we deliver. We continue to research to incorporate the latest methods of specialty waste, disposal, and recycling solutions for everything that we process that can bring sustainable efforts for the environment.

An important directive that is a driving force in Commercial Waste Systems is in understanding that our customers require flexibility. We know that sometimes things happen that are out of their control and we work diligently to accommodate changes in schedule or pickup volume.

Our corporate office is in Crown Point, Indiana and we proudly serve many Midwest states.

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