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Buying Old Corrugated Cardboard in Monee, Illinois

Depending on the amount of Old Corrugated Cardboard your Monee, Illinois business generates, the selling process may vary. Large generators of Old Corrugated Cardboard, like grocery stores, big box retailers and warehouses will work directly with a cardboard recycler like Commercial Waste Systems, we have our own in-house transportation company which simplifies the process. But our services are not just for the enterprise businesses we service all size businesses. Call Commercial Waste Systems today to see how we can help your business recycle. No matter how much OCC your Monee, Illinois business produces, it is important to recycle.

What is Old Corrugated Cardboard?

Cardboard typically refers to a thick paper stock. You can see this type of material used for shoe boxes, cereal boxes or greeting cards. Although corrugated cartons are made with some cardboard, it is important to know that these materials are not the same.

Corrugated is made up of three layers of paper that includes an inside liner, an outside liner, and fluting with a ruffled shape, which runs in between the two. This type of material enhances the packaging process for the following reasons, it is durable, it is lightweight with a high strength-to-weight ratio, it offers product protection, it is cost-effective and most importantly when recycled it is environmentally friendly.

It is easy to see that cardboard is better used for items such as shoe boxes, cards, and cereal boxes. Corrugated, on the other hand, is the packaging material of choice for shipping boxes in Monee, Illinois. In fact, over 90% of all products shipped is the U.S. today (including Monee, Illinois) are shipped in corrugated cardboard boxes. Corrugated boxes are ideal for shipping because they are extraordinarily strong, durable and are easily recycled.

Call Commercial Waste Systems Today to see how we can help your Monee, Illinois business recycle. Our friendly staff will help your company figure out what items in your waste stream can be recycled, what is required to be recycled and the best solution for your Monee, Illinois business.


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How to Recycle Old Corrugated Cardboard in Monee, Illinois

Corrugated cardboard is the highest value grade of paper, its durability and strength takes long paper fibers to create. This explains why it has the highest recycling rate out of paper products.

Cardboard Recycling Preparation for Your Monee, Illinois Business

Most corrugated cardboard is used for shipping, you will want to remove any shipping materials such as packing peanuts, plastic bags, and bubble wrap. The boxes must be flattened to save space and start preparation for the recycling process.

For boxes that contained huge items, you may need to fold or cut the flattened box in half for it to fit in your recycling cart or bailer. Most importantly, do not let the corrugated cardboard get wet. Wet cardboard does not have a recycling market. Food soiled boxes, the easiest example is pizza boxes. These food soiled boxes cannot be recycled either.

Can I Make Money Recycling Cardboard in Monee, Illinois?

Commercial Waste Systems will buy cardboard in bulk in Monee, Illinois if it is separated from other paper. If you work at a place that uses a lot of cardboard, such as a grocery store, retail store or restaurant, you should contact Commercial Waste Systems to see how we ca help. If you are a consumer looking to recycle five boxes in Monee, Illinois, you are unlikely to find someone that will pay you.


Monee About

Monee is a village in Will County, Illinois and Monee has a total area of 4.42 square miles, all land. Plans for a new Metra station on 2nd Avenue are undergoing studies. The River Valley Metro Mass Transit District will begin making stops here as well as in nearby Peotone. A proposed Pace bus route will run from the University Park Metra station to the new station.





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Monee, Illinois Information

The village of Monee falls within the Crete-Monee Community Unit School District 201-U of Will County, which also serves the neighboring villages of Crete, University Park, and portions of Park Forest. The village itself is home to Monee Elementary which serves kindergarten through fifth grade. Also located in Monee is the Monee Education Center, which provides the district’s alternative learning programs. Students living in Monee attend the Crete-Monee Middle School from sixth to eighth grade before continuing to Crete-Monee High School for ninth through twelfth grades. Students may also apply for attendance at the Coretta Scott King Magnet School in University Park, which also serves kindergarten through fifth grade for selected families from throughout the district.