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Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois Cardboard Recycling

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Bulk Cardboard Recycling for Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois Businesses

If your Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois business produces a large amount of cardboard waste, Commercial Waste Systems can help save you money with our Reliable, Efficient and Local cardboard recycling program. 90% of all products in the U.S. are being shipped in corrugated boxes and 90% of that comes from the commercial business sector. All businesses use a great deal of cardboard no-matter the industry, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, education and more. As a Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois business you will find that it is cost-effective to bale the cardboard, rather than taking up space in a dumpster. Recycling and baling your corrugated cardboard can become a revenue stream for your Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois business.

Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois Recycling Cardboard

Recyclable materials such as cardboard bales can play an important role in the fight against waste management. Commercial cardboard bales can be used for various items from flooring, packaging, to insulation, and they make up a very important part of our community. By recycling these Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois waste products, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois businesses can help reduce their impact on the environment while they help their bottom line.

Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois Commercial Waste Recycling Services

Commercial Waste Management and Recycling is a huge process that requires support from different departments to come up with an efficient plan to reduce the burden on our Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois landfills. A large number of wastes are disposed of in our landfills every day. Most of the time, these wastes can be recycled but unfortunately this is not the case most of the time. The cardboard, plastic bottles, metal cans, and paper for various uses can be recycled but sadly not all the time. For Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois commercial waste, there are some rules that have been imposed to ensure that we give importance to the reduction of garbage.


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Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois Cardboard Recycling

Here at Commercial Waste Systems, we provide Reliable, Efficient and Local Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois commercial waste cardboard recycling. There are roughly 100 billion cardboard boxes produced each year in the United States. By recycling your cardboard waste, you can help reduce our carbon footprint. One ton of recycled cardboard saves 46 gallons of oil and 9 cubic yards of landfill space.

Cardboard Recycling for Companies in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois

Does your company produce a lot of cardboard waste? Commercial Waste Systems has a solution for your Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois business, cardboard recycling. Cardboard recycling is an environmentally friendly process that keeps corrugated cardboard and paperboard out of the landfills. Corrugated cardboard is typically what cardboard boxes are made from and paperboard makes things like shoe boxes and cereal boxes. Most cardboard can be recycled such as paperboard, boxes, plates, tubes but contaminated boxes with oil or grease cannot be made into a high-quality cardboard.

Why Commercial Waste Systems?

With over 40 years’ experience in waste management, Commercial Waste Systems brings professional services to our customers with a focus on maintaining a green footprint.  We take pride in servicing clients in the greater Midwest. Our professional team coordinates your pickup on a personal level. Our drivers and trucks arrive at a time that is convenient for you, as a family-owned business we approach every pickup with an attitude that there is no job too large or too small. Call one of our friendly staff today with any questions concerning our commercial waste recycling, transporting, or shredding services at 888-429-7622 (that’s 888-4-CWSOCC).


Oakbrook Terrace About

Oakbrook Terrace is a city in DuPage County, Illinois, and is a suburb of Chicago. The city has a total population of 2,119. It is the smallest town in DuPage County, in terms of area and population.





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Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois Information

Oakbrook Terrace Tower, an octagonal 31-story office building, was designed by Helmut Jahn and built in 1987. It is the tallest building in Illinois outside the city limits of Chicago and is currently owned by The Blackstone Group. The 418-foot tower has 773,000 square feet of office space. The tower was long dogged by rumors and news reports that it was leaning or sinking. It stands on the site of the former Dispensa’s Castle of Toys.