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Commercial Cardboard Recycling in Ogden Dunes, Indiana

Does your company produce a lot of cardboard waste? Commercial Waste Systems has a solution for your Ogden Dunes, Indiana business, cardboard recycling. Cardboard recycling is an environmentally friendly process that keeps corrugated cardboard and paperboard out of the landfills. Corrugated cardboard is typically what cardboard boxes are made from. Paperboard makes things like shoe boxes and cereal boxes. Most cardboard can be recycled such as paperboard, boxes, plates, tubes but contaminated boxes with oil or grease cannot be made into a high-quality cardboard.

Buying Cardboard Bales in Ogden Dunes, Indiana

Commercial Waste Systems buys cardboard bales from large and small businesses in Ogden Dunes, Indiana. Our Commercial Waste Transport semis will remove baled cardboard such as OCC (old, corrugated cardboard) for recycling. With our transport division (Commercial Waste Transport) we provide transportation services. C W Transport, Inc. is a licensed and bonded freight shipping and trucking company providing freight transportation services and hauling cargo.

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Ogden Dunes, Indiana Cardboard Recycling Pickup Service

Commercial Waste Systems can get your Ogden Dunes, Indiana recyclable program up and running quickly. We will work with you to develop a customized schedule to handle the volume of Corrugated Cardboard your company produces. We can adjust the schedule as needed during season and will address any seasonality changes during setup.

Ogden Dunes, Indiana Cardboard Recycling

Here at Commercial Waste Systems, we provide Reliable, Efficient and Local Ogden Dunes, Indiana commercial waste cardboard recycling. There are roughly 100 billion cardboard boxes produced each year in the United States. By recycling your cardboard waste, you can help reduce our carbon footprint. One ton of recycled cardboard saves 46 gallons of oil and 9 cubic yards of landfill space.


We are proud members of the National Waste & Recycling Association.


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Ogden Dunes, Indiana Corrugated Cardboard, OCC Recycling

When you get started with Commercial Waste Systems, one of the first things we want to understand is your cardboard waste stream, and any fluctuations (season changes) in that stream and lastly determine the frequency your Ogden Dunes, Indiana company requires. From there you will receive consistent, reliable scheduled pickup service from our own transportation company, Commercial Waste Transport.

Bulk Cardboard Recycling for Ogden Dunes, Indiana Businesses

If your Ogden Dunes, Indiana business produces a large amount of cardboard waste, Commercial Waste Systems can help save you money with our Reliable, Efficient and Local cardboard recycling program. 90% of all products in the U.S. are being shipped in corrugated boxes and 90% of that comes from the commercial business sector. All businesses use a great deal of cardboard no-matter the industry, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, education and more. As a Ogden Dunes, Indiana business you will find that it is cost-effective to bale the cardboard, rather than taking up space in a dumpster. Recycling and baling your corrugated cardboard can become a revenue stream for your Ogden Dunes, Indiana business.

Ogden Dunes, Indiana Cardboard Recycling Saves Money

Removing cardboard from your regular waste stream saves money on your trash collection cost. You can make money by separating your cardboard and selling it. Call Commercial Waste Systems today to find out how.

Over 40 years ago We began in the recycling and wastepaper industry and our success allowed us to expand to become a full-service company for our clients. Our success gave Commercial Waste Systems the ability to include cardboard recycling, shredding services, product destruction, and transportation services. Whatever waste or transportation needs your Ogden Dunes, Indiana business may have contact CWS today to see how we can help; we love talking to people and helping the environment and businesses along the way. You can reach us at 888-429-7622.


Ogden Dunes About

The principal thoroughfare serving the town is U.S. Route 12, which passes along the town’s southern edge and connects it to nearby communities such as Gary to the west and Burns Harbor to the east.





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Ogden Dunes, Indiana Information

The town is the site of the Portage / Ogden Dunes station, which is served by South Shore Line passenger trains to and from Chicago. Ogden Dunes is in Portage Township, Porter County, Indiana. It is an exclusively a residential community. Neighboring Ogden Dunes are several similar enclaves within Indiana Dunes National Park: Miller Beach to the west, Beverly Shores and Dune Acres to the east. Like Ogden Dunes, a considerable portion of the residences in these communities are occupied as summer or weekend homes by Chicagoans.