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Why Should Businesses in Roselle, Illinois Recycle Their Cardboard?

For most Roselle, Illinois businesses, producing cardboard waste the norm. Did you know over 95% of all products in the U.S. are shipped in cardboard boxes? If you are not recycling old, corrugated cardboard in Roselle, Illinois, you may be throwing away money. There are only a couple of options when it comes to the OCC your Roselle, Illinois business produces. You are paying to haul cardboard off to the local Roselle, Illinois landfill, or you could be generating a revenue source for your Roselle, Illinois business. The larger the quantity of OCC you produce in Roselle, Illinois, the more you could earn. Like any commodity, the Roselle, Illinois cardboard recycling market fluctuates, the market always has opportunity to capture value from the product is always a viable opportunity for most Roselle, Illinois businesses.

Having a cardboard recycling program in Roselle, Illinois saves a commercial business valuable resources, it also reduces waste costs and keeps your Roselle, Illinois company compliant with possible recycling laws by meeting any source separation and recycling requirements there may be. The biggest reason is, to work towards a greener footprint for your local Roselle, Illinois business, every step we take has a real impact on our local Roselle, Illinois environment.

Why Businesses Should Recycle Their OCC in Roselle, Illinois

OCC – Old Corrugated Cardboard Recycling: We pickup cardboard bales at your Roselle, Illinois company and then they are processed and recycled. We will purchase cardboard bales in truckloads, less than truckloads, or by the bale. Our customers cover industries such as retail, grocery, manufacturers, and more.

What is Old Corrugated Cardboard Recycling?

What is OCC? OCC covers all corrugated cardboard boxes. Corrugated refers to those boxes where the materials are made from three separate layers of paper, two liners and a corrugated, or wavy, layer sandwiched between them. Brown paper bags are commonly accepted with OCC for recycling OCC does not include waxed cardboard (commonly from produce boxes), paperboard (flat rigid paper from beverage, cereal, tissue, or other boxes), or other materials.


We are proud members of the National Waste & Recycling Association.


What is OCC Used for in Roselle, Illinois?

OCC is most commonly recycled into materials for the production of new corrugated containers. Despite cardboard’s inherent recyclability, it still must first find its way to the recycling plant. Before it can be recycled, cardboard must be broken down and stored in a dry place, free of contamination from moisture, grease, and oils.

What can we recycle? OCC Cardboard is a product made from three separate layers two liners and a corrugated or wavy lawyer in the middle. Paper is recycled into paperboard. Cardboard can be recycled into cardboard products such as corrugated boxes and milk cartons. Here is the Roselle, Illinois recycling process for OCC cardboard. When the cardboard arrives at your Roselle, Illinois facility, separate the cardboard (cardboard must be broken down and stored in a dry place, free of contamination from moisture, grease, and oils) from there you can use a baler to store your OCC into bales from the rest of your waste. These cardboard bales are then picked up by Commercial Waste Systems and taken to a paper mill to be recycled.

From one location to 1,000s of locations Commercial Waste Systems can help your business choose the right type recycling solution that fits your business needs. Call our friendly staff today at 888-429-7622 to see how we can help.


Roselle About

Roselle is a suburb of Chicago and is a village located in both DuPage County and Cook in Illinois, United States. Located in the northeastern part of the state, Roselle was first incorporated in 1922 and is a bedroom community, with residents generally commuting to Chicago or nearby suburbs for their jobs.





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Roselle, Illinois Information

Roselle is located at 41°58′50″N 88°5′8″W. There are three main commercially zoned areas in the village of Roselle. One is along the southern border of the town along Lake Street, the second is in the center of the village near the historical center of Park Street and Irving Park Road. In 2005, a new downtown business development opened along the Soo Line Railroad tracks just north of the town center. The third is along Nerge Road, the northern edge of the village. Roselle is home to Lynfred Winery, established in 1979. What started off as a retirement hobby by Fred and Lynn Koehler, now producing over 120 varietals of wine and over 50,000 cases of wine yearly.